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          S.C. MECAROM DOTCOM Ltd. was established in the year 2000, having three private shareholders. The activity domain of the company consists in metal manufacturing for the automotive industry, design and crafting of metal stillages for different components, rolling bases, assembly line structures, wood stillages for automotive industry parts transport, assembly devices, different metal parts of different geometries and sizes, conveyors.

ISO 9001-2001 RAR-OCS 2007

         The main clients of the Company are:


  Internal Markets: Automobile Dacia, Renault Industrie Romania, Autochassis International Romania, Danone Groupe, Inergy Romania, Guy Noel Romania, Amplast Technology, Strabag Romania, Nobel Automotive Romania.


     External clients (France, especially): Renault , Elmetherm, Coutier Industrie, Clerc Industrie, ACI Le Mans, Fives Cinetic, Actemium Handling System, S.E.R.A., Valeo Limoges, Faurecia, Renault Avtoframos- Russie, Renault Novo Mesto Slovenia.